Anne with an E TV Series Baby Quilt Top

By | March 8, 2020

We found out about an online auction two weeks ago. The auction was for a TV series called Anne with an E  based on the 1901 novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery called Anne of Green Gables. I read the book growing up and it’s many sequels grown up and absolutely loved it. So when I saw the auction I had to go and look at it. The TV serious has been cancelled and the auction was selling off the props and various items used on the show. I think it might still be being shown on Netflix.

I started looking at the online catalogue and was reeled in hook line and sinker when I saw multi ban and bag lots containing fabric and linens that were used on the set going for very little money. We bid on and won enough enough lots to fill up the car. In addition to the linen and fabrics we won some non antique lamps, an antique chest and a very modern tool box.

The lots contained both junk and treasures. Wool blankets, cotton and cotton fleece, upholstery fabric, stuff that could have gone straight to the garbage, tatted handkerchiefs, many spools of ribbons, 20 identical tablecloths, vintage napkins, sets of sheets, a bedskirt and and lace curtains were just some of the things we found. But the most surprising thing we found is a scrappy baby sized quilt top.

I’m looking forward to searching my stash for a suitable backing and making a baby quilt from this. I can see doing some simple but heavy quilting on it. The top is machine stitched so it will be machine quilted perhaps with a crosshatch through each square.

In the meantime I’m sorting the winnings into keep, donate, trash piles and  working at making room in my stash for the things I want to keep!

6 thoughts on “Anne with an E TV Series Baby Quilt Top

  1. Nann

    Oh, what fun to have a prop from the show! And it’s such an interesting design — obviously four-patches, but the change in orientation adds such a snap! We’ve been to Green Gables on P.E.I. twice. Worth the visit.

  2. Bonnie in VA

    Definitely a fun event. I really like that simple baby quilt. Although by adding more blocks it could become much bigger. Have fun with your treasures.

  3. Marti

    I love auctions but have never bid on movie set things. How fun would that be! I like your baby quilt top and hope you show more of the treasures you won. I’m a big fan of Anne of Green Gables too.


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