Project List as at May 2020

By | May 5, 2020

May has started and it’s time to update my UFO and new projects list.

I’m up to 7 UFO’s done and 1 quilt completed that was started this year.

May’s goal is:

  1. Bind and complete two small quilts
  2. Sew the individual Frolic blocks (this one might be tough, they are slow going and finicky)
  3. Put borders on the orange and blue quilt (Fourth of July)
  4. Quilt 1 small quilt.

Here is the one Frolic block that has been made:

I’m making good progress on my smaller quilts that are easy to quilt on my home sewing machine but as I don’t have access to rent studio time to use the long arm quilting machine my larger quilts have remained undone. When the world is back to normal I’ll be spending a few Saturday’s getting some of my larger quilts quilted so that they can get off of the list this year.

Here is my up-to-date list of UFO’s. Ones with an asterisk were started in 2019.

  1. Alletaire – A Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt – Blocks need fixing and top needs to be finished
  2. Marc’s Gradient Quilt in 3 colours – needs fixing then borders – ABANDONED – WILL RESTART OR DO ANOTHER
  3. Blue 16 patch and Happy Block Quilt – top completed*
  4. Happy to be Square – completed May 5, 2020 *
  5. Happy all Day Long – completed May 20, 2020*
  6. Colour Blocks (“H” Blocks) complete May 14, 2020 *
  7. Light Doggie Quilt Top (VV blocks) – completed and donated to guild *
  8. Dark Doggie Quilt Top (VV blocks) – Completed April 2020 *
  9. Blue and Green “Fourth of July Quilt” – top completed, binding cut *
  10. Blue & Orange “Fourth of July Quilt” – top centre made
  11.  Big and Little patch quilt – completed March 13, 2020*
  12. Broken stripe 9 patch quilt – Completed April 8, 2020*
  13. Too nice to cut lap quilt – top completed
  14. Chain Link Quilt – top completed, backing obtained *
  15. Retreat Grey & Colourful Quilt – top completed, backing obtained *
  16. Stars in the Darkening Sky Done *
  17. Arizona Crossroads – top complete, backing obtained but used on another quilt.
  18. Rainbow Swirl Quilt – top finished, backing obtained
  19. Purple & Green Galaxy Star – top complete, backing obtained
  20. Grand Illusion Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt – borders need to be added
  21.  Purple table Runner – top complete
  22. Peaky and spiky quilt – in progress
  23. Irish Star Quilt – borders, make bigger?
  24. Quilt top (not made by me) found at VV – needs backing (consider giving top to guild)
  25. Whirlygig – top completed? Borders to be added?
  26. Medallion Quilt for Guild Project – in progress *
  27. Black & Brights Livejournal block swap, blocks completed
  28. Scrappy Bonnie Hunter Starstruck Quilt – in top centre together *
  29.  Shannan’s Poly cotton Quilt – in progress
  30. Cross and Chains – top completed, back to be made
  31. Burgundy Star Quilt found at at VV (replace batting & quilt) *
  32. Posies, in progress *
  33. Bonnie Hunter Frolic Mystery Quilt, in progress *
  34. Rainbow scrappy trip around the world quilt, Completed May 23, 2o2o*
  35.  “H” blocks need to figure out layout and how many more to make. *
  36. Idaho Square Dance Baby Quilt   –  Completed March 13, 2020  *
  37. Started Happy Block Quilt *
  38. patches quilt top found ages ago – consider giving to guild for outreach.

2020 Starts 

39. Easy Street(butterflies) – quilt top

40. Suite (aliens) – quilt top

41. Retro Star quilt – completed May 2020

42. Feature your fabric – needs borders.

43. butterflies and four patches – quilt top.

44. Syd’s quilt (blue and grey) – finished and gifted

45. Baby quilt top from Anne with an E auction lot.

46. Scrapbuster quilt in yucky colours.

47. 9″ churn dash blocks.

48. Steps Quilt – top made (courtesy of Covid19 stress sewing)

49. Gathering Quilt – top made (courtesy of Covid19 stress sewing)

50. Smooches Quilt (Hearts) – top complete

51. Zipper quilt -white – quilted April 2020

52. Zipper quilt – black – Quilted May 2020

53. Diamond Brights – top complete

54. Pean Lap quilt.


4 thoughts on “Project List as at May 2020

  1. Roseanne

    Hi! How great that you have SEVEN UFOs complete already this year and it’s only the beginning of May. Just think about that! Woohoo. How many Frolic blocks do you need to make? I can see it is comprised of many different components. How do you decide which project to work on? Just curious. I have quite a habit of starting a new project will no regard as to what else is started . . . just saying. My list might just resemble yours. Thanks for linking up this week! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Judy B

    I really like your Frolic colors. I downloaded the pattern, but did not start. I still have EnProvence that needs a backing and a trip to the long armer.
    I am amazed at your project list! Wow!


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