Two finishes

By | May 15, 2020

This week last week was productive with two finishes! One is a UFO and the other is a current year start.  Having a few long conference calls that didn’t involve video was the secret to my success. Paid attention to the calls but was able to sew binding on while people were talking about things that didn’t include me.

The first one done was this one – a current year start.The green matches the green the brown print but I likely would like the result better if I’d have used one slightly less intense in colour.

The pattern is called Spring Stash and is available  for free. It’s 40″ square.

The second quilt is my Haitch blocks quilt and was finished yesterday.

Looking at the binding I’m now wondering if scrappy would have been better but it’s done and I certainly won’t redoing it. This quilt measures 36″ x 48″.

I’m already working on binding another quilt. It’s not a big one so it probably won’t take long to get done either. I have one more quilt ready for binding to be machine sewn on, and one that’s just waiting to be quilted so this binding marathon may continue a wee bit longer.   It feels good to be getting some traction on getting projects to the finish line.



11 thoughts on “Two finishes

  1. Elizabeth V K

    Always love stars and the Haitch blocks create an interesting texture. Great job!.

  2. Snowcatcher

    Two finishes is a terrific week! I’d not seen an Haitch quilt before, and I really like that pattern. I can see so many possibilities with that!

  3. Sue Hoover

    I love your H quilt and the way you used two-fabrics plus a background/per block. I should do one since my last name is Hoover!

  4. Vicki in MN

    They are both great, but am really drawn to the star quilt. Thanks for posting the link to the tutorial.

  5. Diann Bottrell

    Those are both so pretty! I couldn’t tell that the second quilt was H blocks until I looked more closely at it. I love the way the white squares appear to be floating on the colors!

  6. Bonnie in Va

    What fun quilts. I saved a copy of Spring Stash — may never make it but who knows. Yours looks fun — that green does remind me of the late ’60s or early ’70s. Especially with the brown. Just call it a retro quilt and everyone will think you were a genius for putting these two fabrics together!


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