About me

I’m a mild mannered insurance brokerage employee by day and a crafter by night.  My husband and I  live just outside Toronto, in Ontario, Canada.

I enjoy quilting, knitting and other crafts.  I do have a mantra of “no new crafts” so I do work at keeping the “other craft” category as small as possible. It’s working – somewhat, though the supply of beading supplies does seem to be growing. However, my craft of choice, and the one with which I’m the most obsessed is quilting.

The main purpose of this blog is to have a place to have a record of the various things I’m in the process of creating or have created.

When I quilt I’m all about bright colours and scrap quilting. I love sewing with 2″ squares which worries me somewhat, but it could be scarier, as I could be obsessed with even smaller squares.



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  1. Wendy B

    Hi there, just hoping you can email me your email so I can send you your birthday gift from Friday Night Sew In with me over at Sugarlane-Designs. Thanks so much….glad you joined in….hope you had fun and got lots done! Sugary hugs x


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