Blue Sawtooth Stars

By | October 24, 2019

Quite a number of years ago, how many I’m not sure, I decided I’d make 9 – 8.5″ blue sawtooth star blocks. I don’t recall making them or having a plan for them. Not surprisingly they’ve floated around the sewing room for years. 

As part of my “get old projects done” push I pulled them out along with some graph paper and said enough and let’s figure out how to make a baby quilt top out of those blocks and be done with it.  After coming up with a few layouts that involved lots of sewing and making more blocks I decided to go with the easiest of the layouts using the theory keep it simple and get it done!

I found a yellowish stain on one of the blocks – luckily a spot treatment with blue Dawn dish soap and hot water took care of that quickly because without that block I was looking at making at least one of more block. 

So the blocks got put together with some red sashing and white cornerstones. 

I love how fresh the red looks with the blues and whites.

My first try at the border I used white cornerstones:

I liked it but it just wasn’t quite right. It wasn’t until I auditioned it with blue cornerstones that I was satisfied. 

The white cornerstones in the borders have now been replaced with the blue and a medium blue fabric has been found for the binding.  

To give this baby sized quilt with US/UK colours a bit of a Canadian edge I’m hoping to use a red flannel hockey themed fabric on the back.  But until I get a chance to quilt it, it’s going into the mountain of quilt tops that need quilting.  The end of October is going to see me doing a quilting marathon and most likely learning to apply binding by machine.

4 thoughts on “Blue Sawtooth Stars

  1. Denise

    The blue cornerstones were definitely the right choice here. The white left it looking unfinished. Congrats on getting another ufo finished, I love quilting marathons. It makes you feel so accomplished. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.


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