Cinema at Seven is Quilted!

By | November 3, 2019

Marc and I spent a few hours at our local long arm quilting studio yesterday morning quilting Cinema at Seven.

This was started in March 2016 and has been a top since April of that year. I’ve had the backing for a few years but it just never had been quilted. I was intimidated by it thinking it was bigger than it was.

It’s based on the quilt Film at Five from the Wedding Dress Blue blog. However, I changed the squares to 2 inches and added two columns and rows probably due to some insanity caused by liking teeny tiny little squares of fabric. It’s approximately the same size as the original quilt give or take a few inches just with quite a more pieces. What was I thinking?

The batting is Hobbs wool batting and it’s my first time using it. Marc insisted we purchase wool batting when he found out that wool batting is a option. He also stated that all bed quilts I make for us going forward have wool batting. I was good with that but I did stipulate he’s going have to give them the proper TLC during laundering (that’s his chore) because I don’t want my quilts felted. I quietly did a silent cheer that the expensive roll of wool batting was his idea and not mine. I’d gone to the store for a roll of Hobbs 80/20 on sale! We came home with both that day. 

Anyway, I digress,  I really do like how the wool batting shows off the quilting. We used a pantograph called Bolero. 

On today’s agenda is making binding. I’ve found some black & white fabric with very small stripes that will work well with this quilt and hope to have the binding made and applied and ready start the hand sewing to the back of the quilt before the day is over. 

5 thoughts on “Cinema at Seven is Quilted!

  1. Tracy

    I agree with Marc, wool batting is so nice to sleep under. I also think that it adds less weight to a quilt, especially one like Cinema at Seven, all those seems add up. I have a Wedding Dress Blue quilt top that is in my Long arm queue, its Growing up Odd, and it’s huge too.

  2. Jenny Benton

    A quilt with wool batting is lovely and cozy, and certainly needs care when washed. I have alovely warm quilt with wool batting I like to us in the winter, and carefully wash it by machine on wool wash. Certainly don’t spin it too much, and if you pick a breezy sunny day it will dry outside no trouble.


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