En Provence Quilted

By | October 1, 2019

We finally quilted En Provence the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt from 2016/2017 this May. I made the quilt in Bonnie’s colourway and am quite pleased with how it turned out. How can I not be when purple is my favourite colour? Marc helped me quilt it on the long arm quilting machines that Whirls and Swirls rent out by the hour.

Here is is on the frame:

APQS Quilting,  En Provence Bonnie Hunter

And here he is hard at work machine quilting. I did do some of the quilting too, I just wasn’t able to take a picture of that.

And the final product off of the long arm looked like this:

I bound it in the same material as the backing as it blended perfectly with the purples on the front. 

It’s finally bound and on our bed!

en provence quilt, Bonnie Hunter Quilt

21 thoughts on “En Provence Quilted

  1. Bonnie

    Wow, this quilt is so beautiful! I don’t know where you find the patience to fuss with all those small, odd shaped pieces. It would drive me bonkers!!

  2. Susan

    What a wonderful finish that is. I love seeing your husband help with the quilting. When I bought a quilting machine, my husband learned how to use it, too, and he had his own list of clients for pantographs, while I did custom. Maybe there’s a longarm business in your future, too!

  3. Roseanne

    Hi Yvonne! Love, love, LOVE this! It is gorgeous and your backing is fab, too. It is so cool that both of your quilted the piece. You are both sleeping under both of your labors and love. Like Susan said, maybe there is a longarm quilting business in your future?! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Marly

    Congratulations on a lovely finish. I like your decision to use purple fabric for backing and binding; i did too!

  5. Tracie

    Wow, your quilt is beautiful! And it makes me happy to see it on a bed.

  6. Melanie

    That is a lot of tiny pieces – as I am told all Bonnie Hunter quilts are?! I hope you are very happy and proud about this finish, great accomplishment. I love the neutral border of b/w and creme prints. It gives the quilt room to shine. And totally funny – I just shared a finish I started in 2016 too 🙂
    xo Melanie

  7. Jean Bellefeuille

    Very lovely quilt! Bonnie Hunter is one of my favorites designers right now.

  8. Wendy Welsh

    I love it!!! It was this design that enticed me to participate in Bonnie’s Mystery Quilt for 2018. I love the colours you’ve used and it looks so good on your bed. How nice to have it finished. Thank you for linking up with the Peacock Party.


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