Graduation Quilt

By | August 9, 2018

This quilt, from Bonnie Hunter’s blog, is called Scrappy Trips Around the World. You can link to the pattern here. It was given to my step daughter as present to mark her graduation from a university honours program.

It’s a super easy pattern and very fun to make. Many of my colourful and bright 2.5″ strips  got used up in making this (though I’m not sure how much of a dent I made in the pile!). I made it with scraps I’d cut from fat quarters and width of fabric cuts of yardage as I’m not one to buy jelly rolls or other coordinated fabric lines.

While the pattern calls for all blocks to be scrappy, I needed somewhere for the eyes to rest, given  how vibrant the colours are. Therefore I made the centre diagonal row in each block with a solid black fabric. I like how it gives some cohesion to a very scrappy quilt and how the colours all seem to work together with the black row anchoring each block.

This quilt involved some new math on my part. It was made with twelve inch blocks, six wide and eight down. For some inexplicable reason I had decided that would make the quilt 72″ x 84″. I only realized after the fact that my math skills had failed me and 8 x 12 is actually 96″ and not 84″. No wonder it took so long to quilt! I did the simple cross hatch quilting on my home sewing machine. My arms, shoulders and upper back definitely got a work out!

I’d make this again – however, I’d check my math before assembling the quilt.

I’m linking this up with Oh Scrap as well as Wednesday Wait Loss 

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17 thoughts on “Graduation Quilt

  1. Julie in GA

    Beautiful quilt! The colors glow against the black diagonals.

  2. Erin Hutchinson

    It’s wonderful! The black was a great decision. I have started one of these, but it rests in my WIP drawers along with all the other things I start and then allow myself to become distracted from. *sigh* You inspire me to pull it back out and whip up some more blocks!

  3. Sylvia Adair

    What a great quilt! I can relate to math problems, although it usually means I make things too small!

    1. Yummy Post author

      I was surprised myself that I made it bigger than I planned – there is a first time for everything. Thanks for the kind words about my quilt!

    1. Yummy Post author

      She loved it! Thank you for the compliment. Seems you can never go wrong with Bonnie Hunter patterns.

  4. Denise

    I love the color placement and you were right to add the black rows. The black give it more definition.


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