I must confess, I never did make a Y2K Quilt.

By | September 5, 2019

I had great intentions to make a Y2K/Millenium quilt back in 1999. 

I traded “squishies” of fabric with other quilters from across the US and Canada and even around the globe so I’d have 2000 unique pieces of fabric to make my special quilt. But despite the best of my intentions no quilt ever got made with them. Maybe everyone else made a quilt but I never got there. 

Fast forward nearly 20 years and I’ve gradually used up those squares in scrap quilts.  Here is what is left of those 3″ square just prior to my cutting them down to 2.5″ squares to be added to my much more used 2.5″ square bin where I’m always looking for more variety. fabric, 3 inch squares

I don’t think I’ve used any of the 2000 squares at the original 3″ size which makes me wonder why we traded that size in the first place.

Here is what was left in the Y2K bin after I pulled all those out:

scrap quilting fabric

Scraps that had no business being there. They are now in the scrap pile waiting to be cut up into usable sizes and properly sorted into their correct boxes or tossed, whatever is most appropriate. 

And now I have a nice empty box:An empty box, hey, does this mean I should start a new project? I’d hate the box to suddenly feel unloved after all these many years.


5 thoughts on “I must confess, I never did make a Y2K Quilt.

  1. Bonnie

    Glad to see that you are getting to use all those squaress, even if it is not for the intended purpose or the original size. An empty bin to fill with ‘more’ fabric…hurray!

  2. The Joyful Quilter

    Thank goodness!!! I thought I was the only one who collected squares, but never made the Y2K quilt. SEW smart of you to cut yours into a more usable size for use!

  3. laura bruno lilly

    I must confess: I did a Y2K quilt but by interspersing specialty Y2K type of fabrics into my scrap quilts sewn at the time!
    BTW: Your ‘scraps’ look fantastic.

  4. Anne-Marie

    I didn’t collect Y2K squares, but I have plenty of fabrics of similar vintage squirreled away. Kudos on using them all!

  5. Susan

    I definitely think that box is a sign that it’s time to do something new. LOL Since I didn’t do well with finishing my bicentennial quilt, I didn’t even make an effort at Y2K!


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