Incremental Progress

By | May 24, 2016

Things are progressing, slowly and surely, on my Calico Rose quilt.

Thanks  to Queen Victoria  we had a long weekend this past weekend. She may have died in 1901 but we still celebrate her birthday the best way possible with a day off of work.  With the extra day I was both able to relax and get a bit more sewing done than on a regular weekend.

Twenty five sixteen patches got sewn together this past weekend, which is exactly how many I need for the large version of the Calico Rose Quilt. All but one sixteen patch having no duplicate fabrics.   One sixteen patch had  one fabric repeated – the horror!  I decided that real randomness doesn’t mean perfectly scrappy and left the offending square alone. I will admit there is still a voice inside me saying “fix” it and make it truly random with no square repeating even though I know true random doesn’t work like that.

I also need approximately 200 half square triangles for this quilt.  I’ve managed to cut 60 coloured squares with approximately 40 more to go.


All the ones cut are marked with a diagonal line which I will be sewing 1/4 inch from on both sides of said line.There will also be approximately 100 black squares to be cut, but that’s another day’s job.

Let’s not even talk about the black squares that need to be cut.

I’ve also started working on the 9 patches needed for this quilt. I enjoy sewing those. But there is this pile that require me to do some ironing.

more_twosiesI don’t hate ironing but I don’t love it either.

So as you see the quilt making is progressing along.

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9 thoughts on “Incremental Progress

  1. Bonnie

    Seems like things are moving along nicely. Can’t wait to see when it is all put together.

  2. Jen R.

    Sometimes those big scrap quilts can get intimidating when you put those numbers out there. 🙂 You are making great progress on it! I can’t wait to see it move along.

  3. Emily

    Your scrappy 16 patches are wonderful! Glad you got an extra day to work on them.

  4. Rebecca Grace

    Cutting can feel like it’s taking forever, doesn’t it? Soon you will be stitching away. And I think you should definitely leave that one repeated square in there. It’s something fun to look for in the finished quilt, like a Where’s Waldo or an Eye Spy. You can make everyone try to find the one fabric that is repeated, before you will feed them! 😉

  5. Susan

    Can’t wait to see this scrappy beauty! Thanks for linking up at Midweek Makers

  6. Deanna

    Your Calico Rose will be beautiful. Just don’t give up on it and you WILL finish.


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