Lariat for work

By | July 26, 2015

As someone who sews I’ve been pretty ashamed of the state of  the lariat I use to hold my work ID card for quite some time.  Yet I continued to use it. Never really thought making a new one when it came to sewing time.

old work lariat


Pretty scuzzy looking isn’t it. Yet I continued to use it until tonight.

I was looking for a quick project to do tonight and decided that it was finally time to upgrade to a brand new lariat that wasn’t falling to pieces and knotted to hold it together from where it had worn out.

Of course I picked purple fabric: might as well bring a bit of my favourite colour into the office in the form of an accessory.

This is the result:


Looks a little better eh?

Used a decorative quilting stitch on the sewing machine to jazz it up a bit and hopefully make it a bit more sturdy and longer lasting then the previous one.

I now don’t have to hide the lariat when I walk around the office, yay me!

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