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By | November 11, 2018

Marc came home not long ago and told me that a friend of ours is in the family way once again. It’s a little too early to know if it’s a boy or a girl so I’m making sure I’m prepared. I’m undecided whether to keep this new quilt in the same theme as the quilts for her older two children and do a sea theme or do something else entirely. Here are two very bad pictures of the quilts I made for the older two children:



Part of me is tempted to break with the theme and make the new arrival a 100-Hugs quilt from the Wedding Dress Blue blog. I have a blue and green one all ready to go for a little boy:

And I’m working on a pink and purple 100-Hugs Quilt for a girl. I haven’t had much time to sew lately so it’s been coming along slowly.

No worries whatever I decide. Baby quilts always find a home!

12 thoughts on “More Baby Quilts

  1. Bonnie

    Either one of those two would be perfect. No need to stick with the same theme, in my opinion. I am partial to the pink and purple one, my two favourite colours. Of course, that would not work for a boy. I may have to finally bring out the fabric and sewing machine to make a quilt for the new baby girl coming to my family.

  2. Erin Hutchinson

    I’ve got five babies coming this spring (co-workers). 100 Hugs is a great idea – I have scraps cut already so they’d go together quickly. Love yours!

  3. Gretchen

    Both quilts are lovely. I’m not a theme person myself and I think your friends would be happy with anything you make them.

  4. Preeti Harris

    I am sure that each one of these quilts will be loved and appreciated. Love the bright colors and I have a few of those purple prints. Paul thinks I have quilts on tap and usually I do 🙂 ready for “Oh so and so had a baby” event!!!

  5. Linda Dutch

    Lovely quilts. And any new mum would just love a quilt, it’s a unique gift & perfect for that all important ‘tummy time!


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