My Saturday Sew-In

By | April 5, 2020

I participated in the 3rd Saturday Sew-In with Jennifer at the Inquiring Quilter  yesterday. She held it on her Facebook group and it was lots of fun to sew knowing others were sewing along on their projects at the same time as me!  For some reason I had no place to be yesterday other than in my sewing room, imagine that!

I pulled out a kit that I had made to work on based on Bonnie Hunter’s Fourth of July Quilt . The pattern may be from 2005 but I don’t think it has dated at all. I changed the size of the blocks from 6″ finished to 4″ finished as I wanted this to be a smaller donation quilt and because of fabric constraints with respect the neutral fabric I had picked for this.

Every thing was in this medium sized freezer bag EXCEPT the outer borders. I don’t have any more of the blue fabric (which is not scrappy), and I’d like to use blue as the border to calm down the super bright oranges. I’ll have to see if something in my stash works or wait until things are back to normal to go in person fabric shopping.

I sewed but I definitely didn’t power sew, taking lots of breaks for tea, meals, and whatever, and still by the end of the sew-in I had all but the already cut inner border together.

I’m not crazy about one of the orange fabrics as it reads much lighter than the others but otherwise I’m very pleased with how this has turned out. I’m not about to un-sew to remove the fabric I don’t like either so in it, it stays.


  • Make one 4 patch block and one neutral block with flipped corners, spin the seams on the four patch and then determine the pressing on the flipped corners block
  • Seams aren’t all going to nest nicely.
  • Triple check your layout before sewing

I’ve previously made this in blue and green:

But what colour combination to make it in next time?  That will probably depend on what’s overflowing in the 2.5″  box of squares and strips.

12 thoughts on “My Saturday Sew-In

  1. Sylvia Adair

    What a great pattern! And I love the orange and blue combination. The blue and green is pretty great, too! Nice job!

  2. Kathy

    Gorgeous color choices. Thanks for referencing Bonnie’s pattern. I thought I recognized it from somewhere. It’s nice to have a “kit” ready to go.

  3. Patricia

    I am forever amazed at how beautifully different the same patterns look in different colorways! Your quilts are so lovely! Glad I found you at Midweek Makers!

  4. Vicki in MN

    Oh that sounds like fun to do a sew in with online friends! I really like both of your color combo’s for this pattern. I’ll have to check it out.

  5. Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts

    The orange/blue is pretty…I really like how the orange pops….but the blue/green is my favorite. I can see this looking gorgeous in so many color combinations! I’m glad you had a fun sew in day! Thanks for linking your pretty quilts to Main Crush Monday!

  6. Bonnie in VA

    Love these quilts. I have had that pattern saved for YEARS… I had just looked at it today because I’ve been making 4 patches with 2.5″ squares in red, white, and blue. Each block has a red, 2 whites and a blue. Do you think the three colors would work as well as the two color version? I’d have to figure out what fabric I would have for the bigger blocks though. Just took a look at my copy — mentions a 2008 copyright. So happy to see your versions. The orange and blue really sparkles.

  7. Beth Burright

    I love this quilt, and have made it several times, but I LOVE your idea of making it smaller. I quilt on my domestic machine, and 60×72 is a little large for me. Could you tell me how you go about doing the math, please? I’ve never resized a quilt before, just taken blocks out to get a smaller size. Thank you!

  8. Christina

    Great way to make the most out of a Saturday sew-in. I have never thought to make a quilt kit ready for any sew-in before, what a great idea! I agree about picking colors that are overflowing in my scrap bins for the next quilt.


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