Next up for Quilting – Starstruck

By | September 24, 2019

This past weekend I cut out batting for 4 small quilts. Thanks to our purchase of 2 rolls of batting this summer, there is no shortage of batting in our house. I still haven’t touched the roll of wool batting.  The batting I cut this weekend was Hobbs 80/20 batting. I’m happy to report we can now close the door to the closet containing the batting without needing to body check it first. 

The first to be quilted is going to be this quilt, Starstruck by Bonnie Hunter that’s going to find a home as a wall hanging in my sewing room. 

Here it is without borders:

starstruck quilt, bonnie hunter, scrappy quilt

Looking at the picture with borders below I think I have a problem with wavy borders and I may need to think about redoing the borders before I start doing any quilting. 

I have a black fabric with a multi-colour print for the back and perhaps the binding. The quilting will be close grid lines in the border and I haven’t quite decided what in the centre. I want to avoid doing grid lines through the blocks. As it’s not going to get high use  I’m too worried if it’s not quilted too densely. 

22 thoughts on “Next up for Quilting – Starstruck

  1. Denise

    Very pretty, the dark background really makes the colored blocks pop. Thank you for linking up with Put your foot down.

  2. Patricia Evans

    Bonnie Hunter explains how to cut your borders in a post under the Tips and Techniques tab on her blog. Your borders do look a little wavy. Good luck. I’ve always like this pattern but haven’t made it yet. Love your color choices.

  3. Gwyned

    Wavy borders often happen when the border fabric has give to it. The result is when you quilt it, you will get tucks in the border. This may or may not bother you. The eye certainly focuses on the bright happy colors in the piecing and not the borders.

  4. Wendy

    Wow, is that ever pretty! I’d love to see that every time I walked into my quilt room. That dark background really makes the stars shine!

  5. Alycia Quilts

    That will make a lovely wall hanging! And the batting – I am with you – we can’t get in the sewing room bathroom sometimes… Imight accidentally fill it full of rolls – ha ha!! Great Quilt!!

  6. Kathleen McCormick

    Beautiiful quilt and maybe the wool will help but a little adjustment on those borders will make you happier…ask me how I know! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF

  7. Susan

    Very pretty! Years ago, 3 friends, including Bonnie, were in a class together and Bonnie stayed with us. She had her original Star Struck quilt with her, and it was so beautiful in person. I think yours will be equally beautiful, and I like the border quilting design.

  8. Nann

    What a sparkly quilt! I like the way the dark background makes the stars shine. I think you could quilt an allover swirl in the center of the quilt with the grid for the borders. I made a quilt with that color balance — dark background, bright blocks — and used purple thread to quilt it. That didn’t interfere with the brights and it blended with the dark.

  9. Dione Gardner-Stephen

    Starstruck is stunning! Loooooove at first sight on this one. Laughed at loud at the thought of body checking the batting cupboard…. then went, hang on a minute, she has a batting cupboard!?! I want! Thanks for sharing to Colour & Inspiration Tuesday!

  10. Roseanne

    Hi Yvonne! I had to giggle right out loud at your batting cupboard. Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean and the wrestling issues. I just love your pretty version of Starstruck. Those beautiful bright colors are offset so nicely by the black background fabric. It would make me happy to have that hanging in my sewing room – sometimes contemplation is made easier when you can overlook such a happy project. I look forward to seeing how you decide to quilt it, and definitely agree it doesn’t need to be heavily quilted at all. Thanks for linking up today! ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Sue H

    Very pretty quilt! If you suspect wavy borders, now is the time to take care of that — before quilting commences!


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