Pennies in Rows

By | October 12, 2019

One of my big goals this year is getting old projects finished.

I’ve had some new starts this year (of course!) but so far I’ve managed to complete 17 projects were started prior to 2019. I’m very pleased with that and hope to get a few more done before the end of the year!

This project was started around 20 years ago when greens and pinks were still fairly big colours in decorating.

I’d sewn strips of mostly pink and light green floral fabric together. A whole box of strips of it. All of the uneven and sometimes wonky strips were trimmed to six inches wide and were of varying lengths. There was no project note in the box but I did recall thinking I’d make a coin quilt with these strips.

I went and did some image searches for coin quilts as and found a quilt called Coins on the Sidewalk made by Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation . While I didn’t copy this quilt it did inspire the setting I ended up using for my quilt.

I cut my strips sets the size of my 6″ x 12″ ruler – seeing the strips were already 6″ wide it just seemed the easiest way to go. And I cut out 2.5″ strips for sashing. Here is my quilt top before borders.

And here is the quilt top with the slightly wider outer borders.

While not finished this quilt has made it from “kit” form to the rather large “to be quilted” pile. The leftover strips that didn’t get used aren’t enough for much and will be tossed as I don’t do strip quilting at this time and don’t have the room to store them until that time when I decide to start.

15 thoughts on “Pennies in Rows

  1. Linda Dutch

    Such a great way to use up those ‘dated’ fabrics! Teamed up with the white sashing, it all suddenly looks lovely! {And, I think I recognise several fabrics too!}
    I have a few boxes of older fabrics, loved them years ago, and still haven’t parted with them. You have inspired me to take another look …

  2. Bonnie in Va

    Kudos to you that you’ve pulled out 17 old projects and finished at least tops. I like how you set your coins. It really shines with the white sashing and border. Hopefully you can get it quilted soon too. It’s hard to throw out pieces of fabric that “could” be used for something. But honestly, I am getting much better at throwing out scraps. I’ve pretty much been overrun by small pieces of fabric. It’s time to let some of it go!

  3. Roseanne

    Hi Yvonne! I am slightly giggling about the not doing strip quilting “right now” and they are being stored until you do. When you do start (and you KNOW you will at some point) you can start with what you have on hand then. And you’ll no doubt regret some strips that you just tossed right before. Love how this turned out! It makes me want to do this with some old fabrics I have been saving for I don’t-know-why. Thanks for linking up today! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Andrea @

    Yea for finishing a project. Before you just throw away those leftover strips, you might stop by your local quilt shop and see if anyone there would want them. I do a lot of scrap quilting, and random strips of old fabric are loads of fun to work with.

  5. Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter

    Wow! Congratulations on finishing a long overdue project. You have been making such a dent in the wip pile. And it’s so lovely! I love pink and green. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  6. Susan

    Great finish for those strips. It looks very nice, and not decidedly pink and green. Fresh and lovely, I’d say! Congratulations on being strong enough to throw away some scraps! Last week, at a friend’s, I sewed 40 blocks for a quilt, and I had no scraps for leader enders. I started with what was left from my cutting, and before you know it, I had 21 leader ender log cabins sewn with those 40 blocks, and a sandwich baggie full of scraps for more. You will NEVER run short of scraps! LOL

  7. Denise

    Congrats on getting all those old starts finished. I love this finish. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

  8. Deb E

    How very pretty! That will make a nice baby quilt for a little one. Wonderful that you finished it rather than tossing it as so many of us have done in the past. You’ve inspired me – I might make a baby quilt or two as I have probably 100 floral prints (many dated back to 70’s/80’s). I think I’ll put tiny stars in the sashing at the corners of the blocks using solids in colors found in the quilt. I love that the strips are all slightly different in sizes and not necessarily even all the way across – it adds a bit of movement to the quilt top.


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