Quilty To-do’s May 5th

By | May 5, 2019

It’s pretty much a stay at home and retreat day. So I’m posting and will be frequently updating a list of projects I hope to get completed. It’s in no particular order, however it is meant to keep me focussed and productive today.

  1. Trim En Provence – DONE
  2. Trim the Black and White Quilt we just quilted – DONE
  3. Trim charity quilt – DONE
  4. Trim the star quilt we just quilted – DONE
  5. Audition and choose binding for En Provence (debating between light purple and scrappy whites) – DONE
  6. Make binding for En Provence – DONE
  7. Make black binding for the Black and White quilt – DONE
  8. Make purple binding for the charity quilt – DONE
  9. Make grey binding for the star quilt from the leftover backing – DONE
  10. Apply binding to charity Quilt – DONE
  11. Apply binding to one of the larger quilts (Black & White Quilt) – DONE
  12. (a would be nice) Apply binding to another of the larger quilts – DONE
  13. (a would be nice) Start binding one of the quilts

And on the would be nice list:

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