Small Scrappy Quilt

By | March 17, 2019

This quilt started out as part of a much bigger quilt.

I was going to make a king size quilt called Rick Rack Nines designed by Bonnie Hunter but I got absolutely lost during it’s assembly. I picked it up three different times during assembly and each time just made more of a mess of it. I think it was because I had extra parts and because of that the instructions just didn’t make sense but at the point I was at, I couldn’t figure out how to get back to where I needed to be. Add to that I had no need for quilt that big, wasn’t fussy on the design anymore and wanted something I could actually complete. I like oversized queen quilts but this one would have made even those look small.

I decided I’d make it into a number of smaller quilts. It’s going to become several wheelchair quilts destined for Long Term Care facilities, and a couple of baby quilts. I think all in all I will get six quilts out of it that will make a number different people happy. Nothing will go to waste.

So I made this small quilt that measures 36 inches square.

The fold in the fabric is just because I hadn’t laid it down flat it isn’t actually a fold. This quilt is nice and bright and cheery. The back is a lovely soft flannel printed with baby bottles. A close up of it is here:

A friend admired it so this one is going to live with her. I’m hoping to gift it to her soon, she already knows it’s coming in her direction.

2 thoughts on “Small Scrappy Quilt

  1. Bonnie

    I love it, as you know. I hope the other 5 people will love theirs too.


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