Gathered Star Quilt – Construction notes

By | April 4, 2017

I’m in the process of making the Gathered Star Quilt. I’m really happy how it is turning out.

This quilt is based on a block by Judith Martin called Star Cluster Quilt Block

Mine looks like that block, however the block size and construction are different.

The star block is 32″, and I constructed this using half square triangles and squares.

The small blocks are 4″ finished or 4.5″ unfinished, and the four large coloured blocks are 8″ finished or 8.5″ unfinished.

Cut as follows”

  • 6 yellow and white half square triangles, 4.5″
  • 6 red and white half square triangles, 4.5″
  • 6 blue and white half square triangles, 4.5″
  • 6 green and white half square triangles, 4.5″
  • 1 green and blue half sqauare triangle, 4.5″
  • 1 green and red half square triangle, 4.5″
  • 1 red and yellow half square triangle, 4.5″
  • 1 yellow and blue half square triangle 4.5″
  • 20 4.5″ square white blocks.

For the borders

  • 2, 32.5″ white strips
  • 2, 36.5″ white strips
  • 6 strips of 2.5″ x 6.5″ of each colour in the quilt (red, blue, green and yellow)
  • 1 of each colour (red, blue, green and yellow), 2.5″ inch square

They were laid out as follows:

And I then sewed them together one quadrant at a time.

The quilt right now is 32″ square.


Sew  the 32.5″ white strips on to the opposite sides of the quilt, press, then sew on the 36.5″ strips on the remaining two sides.

For the outer border lay out the 2″5 x 6.5″ strips,and 2.5″ squares as follows:

The finished quilt top should be 40″ square and look like this:

6 thoughts on “Gathered Star Quilt – Construction notes

  1. Bonnie

    I love the bright colours! And what a great idea for the border. Great work!

  2. Susan

    This is so pretty! Thanks for the mini tutorial on putting it together – much easier than it looks! Thank you for sharing this on Midweek Makers!

  3. Karen Gehle

    Thank you so much for sending the pattern. I will try it soon.


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