Stress quilting

By | March 27, 2020

The last few weeks have been stressful, what with being home 24/7, worrying about family, friends,  community,  country and indeed the world – why worry on a small scale when you can go big, right? Luckily we are both able to work from home and and so far haven’t been laid off.  We are slowly getting used to our new routines, being socially and physically distant from everyone but each other, and going stir crazy.

To deal with these stresses I started a new mindless scrappy project – a situation like this, for me at least, calls for a new project! Something very simple, something colourful and of course very scrappy.

I decided to make 4 patches, as what’s easier than 4 patches and then picked out a background fabric from the stash. I came up with this layout for my blocks.

I know, random bit me with two brown squares ending up side by side. They are going to stay that way as I’m sure in the finished quilt it will not be noticeable unless someone is looking very closely and then they will be awarded a package of Smarties if they point it out nicely.

I’ve made more than 16 squares now but when I had made 16 squares a few days ago, I played with the blocks to audition possible layouts. I came up with two that I liked.

Layout One:

Layout Two:

At this point I can’t decide which one I like the best. It’s really a toss up between the two as they are so different.

However, with the number of blocks I’ve made and the fact that I don’t want to make a Queen size quilt from this, this just might become two (or more) lap quilts. I may just keep making blocks until I run out of background fabric so I may end up doing both layouts. Or I may play more and come up with a different layout.

Whatever these blocks become, they are serving their purpose, sewing them is soothing and they’ll end up making a nice scrappy quilt (or two)!

22 thoughts on “Stress quilting

  1. Jannette B.

    I love how bright and cheerful both of those layouts are – and we need bright and cheerful right now!
    I’ve seen the first layout somewhere before, and it’s great, but I LOVE the second one!

  2. Jayne Willis

    A mindless sewing project is the perfect stress reliever! I can’t decide which layout I like best. Social distancing is getting harder and harder as the days go on. Besides walks I haven’t been anywhere!

  3. Alycia Quilts

    Oh I like both layouts!! You should just keep sewing and make both versions 😉
    Glad you are both still able to work!! Take care and be safe!

  4. Betty D

    I like the first one. 2nd one is good too. So, yes, I agree make both. LOL

  5. Anorina Morris

    I love both of your layouts. Scrappy sewing really helps keep us occupied while we find it tricky to concentrate for long – well maybe that’s just me 🙂

    Take Care,

  6. The Joyful Quilter

    I started a new quilt, too! Your stress-sewing created two beautiful layouts. Personally, I really like the 1st one best. My recommendation? Keep sewing and make BOTH!! :o))

  7. Sylvia Adair

    I love this block! Do you have a name for it? Hope you don’t mind if I “steal” the idea. It’s a great scrap quilt!

  8. Diann Bottrell

    A new project sounds like just the thing right now! I really like your block idea – and the blue background is so soothing. I’ve been making random 4 patches, too, and now you’ve given me an idea!

  9. Kim

    It is very easy to go big in the worry department in these bizarre times, BUT, you have come up with the perfect solution of immersing yourself in all those fabulous fabrics and ending up with all those fabulous squares. I can’t choose a favourite layout, either. I rather love the thought of having two fun quilts.

  10. Cynthia Brunz

    Just keep sewing! This block looks like a great way to keep your mind off all the chaos right now. I like both layouts. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  11. Preeti

    From stress to beauty via creativity!!! Looks like you are doing well. Keep sewing and stay safe.

  12. Susan

    I like your creativity for these blocks, especially since you can make many different layouts. Personally, I like layout 2 because the colorful squares are more defined. Whichever you choose will be wonderful!

  13. Christina

    I love layout #2! Quilting is a great way to help relieve our stress during this very stressful time. I’m glad you have found some joy during the stressful time.


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