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By | February 15, 2020

Another quilt top made from the Easy Peasy Quilts 3- Yard Quilts booklet borrowed from the guild library.

I have to say while I’m liking the look of the patterns I’m finding them technically not as much to my liking as I’d hoped they would be. They assume a full 42″ of usable fabric, which sadly isn’t always the case these days. And if your cutting is a smidgen off; well you’ll need more fabric than a yard. I ended up on one strip an 1/8 of an inch short and fudging ensued.  Given how fabric manufacturer’s are shortening their lengths of fabric these days, this becomes a real concern.

Also the border instructions don’t say how long the borders should be just sew all the border strips together and sew on – lazy and leads to wavy borders. Criticising is easy, but when a pattern is published you expect a bit more than “sew on”.   Still the patterns are cute as a button and quick and easy to make. This was started at noon and finished by about 7:30pm with relaxing lunch and dinner breaks.

All that being said this will still make a great charity quilt that some little girl or boy will be very happy to receive.

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