UFO List December 1st 2019

By | December 1, 2019

Here are the UFO’s on my list that are still to be completed as at the beginning of December 2019. Since July I have made not too much progress,  however, I must brag that I did finish 16 UFO’s in the first half of this year.  UFOs do not include any projects started in 2019 of which there are some. 

2. Friendship Star baby quilt – COMPLETED August 17, 2019

3. Loose Star blocks – Completed Nov 30, 2019

4. Alletaire – A Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt – a few blocks need fixing and top needs to be finished

5. Halloween square pumpkin wall hanging – needs quilting

6. Cinema at 7 – Completed November 20, 2019

7. Found charm square top – top made or donated?

8 Cross and Chains – top completed

10. Too nice to cut lap quilt – top completed

11. Black and white wall hanging, finish quilting 

15 Coin Quilt – COMPLETED NOVEMBER 17, 2019

17. Purple and Green Galaxy Star – top completed

18. Grand Illusion Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt – borders need to be added

19 – The last of the ZIG ZAG Nines quilt All DONE

  • 19b) dancing nine patch blue border – Completed Nov 20, 2019
  • 19d) dancing nine patch green border – Completed Nov 23, 2019
  • 19e) zigzag 1 – COMPLETED SEPTEMBER 2019 
  • 19f) zigzag 2  – COMPLETED NOVEMBER 7 2019

20. Arizona Crossroads – top completed

21. Shannan’s Poly cotton Quilt – top to be finished

22. Black table runner – quilt or scrap 

23. Peaky and spiky quilt – top to be finished

25. Rainbow Star lap Quilt – top completed

27. Star Struck quilt (brights on black)-  COMPLETED NOV 10, 2019

30 Marc’s Gradient Quilt in 3 colours – needs fixing

31 Irish Star Quilt – borders?

32 Quilt top (not made by me) found at VV – needs quilting

35 Whirlygig –  Borders to be added?

37 Stars touching – COMPLETED NOVEMBER 8, 2019

38 Black & brights Livejournal swap quilt – top needs to be made

4 thoughts on “UFO List December 1st 2019

  1. Roseanne

    Hi Yvonne! WOW! You did great and I really enjoy seeing your finishes. I have always wanted to make the Cinema quilt – I think that was one of the first things I pinned way back when Pinterest first started. SO very pretty. Your Stars Touching thumbnail photo drew me right in and made me want to see more. That happy border really sets the stars off so nicely. So many finishes for November! Great job and thanks for linking up. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Vicki in MN

    Congrats on all the UFO’s you have completed! We all seem to have loads and loads of things we should finish!


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