Wine Bags

By | August 11, 2018

Both the guilds I’m associated with are having Quilt shows within the next year and I wanted to make something for their respective Quilt Boutiques to help the guilds raise money. I decided I’d make wine bags – who doesn’t love a bottle of wine as a gift?

I used this tutorial from Craftsy to make the bags. The tutorial was clear and the instructions were good. There was one part that I did change and that was the step for boxing the corners. Instead of measuring up 1.5″ from the corners, sewing a line and snipping off the excess fabric, I changed how I cut the pattern pieces. I cut a piece out of each of the bottom corners of the bag pieces measuring 1.5″ square.  I didn’t take pictures but the method I used is illustrated as the second method in this tutorial at the Sew For Home website.   I found this method went faster than the “measuring up and sewing across” method and I found the the seams at the bottom of the wine bags were more precise.

I made well over 3o bags but I didn’t take pictures of each one. Here are a few I made.

5 thoughts on “Wine Bags

  1. Bonnie Coursolle

    Over 30 wine bags? I hope you kept a few to give away as gifts. They are lovely!

    1. Yummy Post author

      Thank you! I did keep a couple, probably should have kept a few more. ATtleast they don’t take too long to make.


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