Bugs, Bugs, Bugs — Bug Jar Quilt

This quilt was so fun to make! I really enjoyed hunting down the different fabrics and learnt a lot making it.


Another view of the same quilt. Posing with it is Mao, the cat I had at the time I made it. He was a very special cat even though he’s sitting by the quilt looking pretty unenthused.

I’m pretty sure the block for this was from about.com and can be found here

Lariat for work

As someone who sews I’ve been pretty ashamed of the state of  the lariat I use to hold my work ID card for quite some time.  Yet I continued to use it. Never really thought making a new one when it came to sewing time.

old work lariat


Pretty scuzzy looking isn’t it. Yet I continued to use it until tonight.

I was looking for a quick project to do tonight and decided that it was finally time to upgrade to a brand new lariat that wasn’t falling to pieces and knotted to hold it together from where it had worn out.

Of course I picked purple fabric: might as well bring a bit of my favourite colour into the office in the form of an accessory.

This is the result:


Looks a little better eh?

Used a decorative quilting stitch on the sewing machine to jazz it up a bit and hopefully make it a bit more sturdy and longer lasting then the previous one.

I now don’t have to hide the lariat when I walk around the office, yay me!

Bluebird Park Baby Quilt

I needed a project, to do today, that was quick and easy, and that wouldn’t stress me out. I didn’t want a high concentration project but rather one I could enjoy, see quick progress being made, and feel a good sense of accomplishment. Baby quilts are normally ideal for these sorts of moods.

The Bluebird Park baby quilt from Samelia’s Mum Blog  was just perfect. Easy to do yet visually very appealing with a modern edge.  I used fabrics I had; always important for a spur of the moment quilt. I used 8 fat quarters from a Sew-Sisters quilt shop monthly Bargain Hunters club fat quarter bundle rather than the fat eighth’s or layer cakes suggested in the pattern for the simple reason that’s what I had on hand. I had cut into one of the fat quarters of the Riley Blake fabric so  that fabric only appears once rather than 2 or 3 times. Which really probably will only ever concern me and no one else.


I’m going to use a solid grey as backing. Now just to see if i have any batting that’s suitable and to decide how to quilt it.

Mug Rugs

These were fun to make! And a learning experience.

On the stripey mug rug I sewed the binding on the back first and then brought it around to the front. I’m not sure purists would be proud but I used Elmers School Glue to hold the binding down flat on the front. A quick press on the binding with an iron and the glue dried quickly and firmly, and yet it was fine to sew on. Glad I listened when I heard about that trick from a fellow sewist on a quilting group.

On the “initial” mug rug I tried applique for the first time and stippling. I’m pleased with the job I did. I did the same thing for the binding as with the stripey mug rug. So much quicker than hand sewing. Not as elegant by any stretch of the imagination but perfect for items that are going to sit under coffee cups or a can of diet coke.

mug rugs

Linking up with this linky party at Behind the Seams Sewing blog and to here

First applique

This is the first time that I’ve tried applique.

I was scared of trying it thinking it complicated, but using heat and bond, a letter downloaded from a free site with applique designs and some positive energy this resulted.

first appliqueStippling was something I hadn’t tried in a long time. I was very pleased with how it turned out. Definite room for improvement but I tried it again. I love the texture.

And growing some more

I think this quilt has decided it wants to be around 60″ by 80″.. with or without a border I’m not sure yet.  I’ll decide when I have a whole lot more blocks done.  Right now I’m just enjoying the process and stressing over whether I’m either too scrappy or not scrappy enough. Scrap quilting even with a controlled colourway is still new to me. And I stress. But I still have fun.

20150506_213145 (1280x894)


Blue Idaho Square Dance Block

From May/June 2015 Quiltmaker – Bonnie Hunter’s Addicted to Scraps column, adapted for size, as I wanted to use up squares that I had already cut. Easy to put together and fun. I can see doing this both as a leader/ender project and as an easy fun in between project.

blue idaho square dance


A fun project using up some leftover squares from my double four patch quilt. I enjoyed arranging these and coming up with a simple quilting pattern that complemented it. I think more placemats are in my future.

4patch place mat

Car Themed Quilt

An easy car themed  quilt made a few years go. Turned out pretty cute.