Let’s put it together

By | April 12, 2020

“Let’s put it together” was the theme of my Saturday. I put together two quilt tops. The blocks were made for both of them, they just needed sewing together. I like sewing blocks, however, for some reason, I’m not as fond of sewing rows, and even less fond of sewing finished rows together. I keep trying to tell myself I’m just making a bigger block but I haven’t yet quite convinced myself of that.

This was the first quilt top. It’s a free Bonnie Hunter Pattern called Star Struck


I’m going to be adding a border to this. I’m leaning to just adding a black border to let the bright stars shine but part of me wants to do a fancier pieced border. While I debate with myself about this it’s going to stay at this stage of completion for just a little bit longer.

The second quilt I put together was also based on a Bonnie Hunter pattern, this one called Scrappy Trips  but done in a more controlled colourway than the original pattern. While my blocks are scrappy in terms of material choice, the colour order is the same in each block:

This one is not going to have a border and will be quilted and then finished off either with blue, green or purple binding.

I think it’s time for me to seriously think about doing some quilting of all these tops I have piling up.


Broken Stripe Nine Patch

By | April 10, 2020

I had lost my binding mojo. This quilt has been by my chair in the living room for almost 2 months waiting for me to finish binding it.  Strangely I don’t mind hand binding once I’ve got going doing it. The problem is I find myself reluctant to pick it up and start working on it and I’d bcome really good with that on this project.  Finally this last week I actually picked the project back up and worked on it during some teleconference calls where I had to listen more than participate and then sat for an hour or so on Thursday and had some nice quiet sewing time while I finished the last little bit.  It’s nice to call this one done.

We tried taking a picture of it on the back deck but it was so windy the quilt didn’t want to stay still but I did get this shot of the backing material which is a nice soft cuddly flannel.

This one is destined for charity, probably the nursing home once things settle down, or should I say life gets more active!



My Saturday Sew-In

By | April 5, 2020

I participated in the 3rd Saturday Sew-In with Jennifer at the Inquiring Quilter  yesterday. She held it on her Facebook group and it was lots of fun to sew knowing others were sewing along on their projects at the same time as me!  For some reason I had no place to be yesterday other than in my sewing room, imagine that!

I pulled out a kit that I had made to work on based on Bonnie Hunter’s Fourth of July Quilt . The pattern may be from 2005 but I don’t think it has dated at all. I changed the size of the blocks from 6″ finished to 4″ finished as I wanted this to be a smaller donation quilt and because of fabric constraints with respect the neutral fabric I had picked for this.

Every thing was in this medium sized freezer bag EXCEPT the outer borders. I don’t have any more of the blue fabric (which is not scrappy), and I’d like to use blue as the border to calm down the super bright oranges. I’ll have to see if something in my stash works or wait until things are back to normal to go in person fabric shopping.

I sewed but I definitely didn’t power sew, taking lots of breaks for tea, meals, and whatever, and still by the end of the sew-in I had all but the already cut inner border together.

I’m not crazy about one of the orange fabrics as it reads much lighter than the others but otherwise I’m very pleased with how this has turned out. I’m not about to un-sew to remove the fabric I don’t like either so in it, it stays.


  • Make one 4 patch block and one neutral block with flipped corners, spin the seams on the four patch and then determine the pressing on the flipped corners block
  • Seams aren’t all going to nest nicely.
  • Triple check your layout before sewing

I’ve previously made this in blue and green:

But what colour combination to make it in next time?  That will probably depend on what’s overflowing in the 2.5″  box of squares and strips.

Steps Quilt Top Complete

By | April 1, 2020

My Steps Quilt top is complete! I’m really liking this.  A perfect sewing project in a stressful time, easy, repetitive and colourful! All I worried  about while sewing it was trying not to have two of the same colour touch each other and while I managed for the most part there are 3 or 4 complete fails that I’ve noticed and probably a few more that I have yet to see. 

Now off to work on some UFO projects.  I really need get a few nicely aged projects moved along to make room for all these new projects.

Gathering Quilt

By | March 29, 2020

I have been doing a lot of sewing this weekend – what else is there to do really? Housework? Well, I guess …  but quilting always wins over that if I have anything to say about it.

I have enough of my  Step Blocks (I decided to name them) to make both quilt layouts that I showed in my previous post. I liked both layouts so much I couldn’t choose between them so I made enough blocks to make both. I decided to make layout two first, which I’m calling the Gathering Quilt because all those small square make me think of people congregating in groups at say a party or a park.

Lessons learnt (learned to me always looks and sounds wrong – it’s my British ancestry) from making this quilt top:

  • Spin every seam possible
  • Like colours will end up next to each other no matter how hard you try to avoid it.
  • Backgrounds don’t have to be white, grey, beige or black.
  • There are a lot of 2″ squares in this quilt. Each block has 24 and there are 48 blocks  = 1,152 in this quilt alone
  • I’m a wee bit insane to like such little squares!

Insane or not, I’m pretty happy with the quilt!

Stress quilting

By | March 27, 2020

The last few weeks have been stressful, what with being home 24/7, worrying about family, friends,  community,  country and indeed the world – why worry on a small scale when you can go big, right? Luckily we are both able to work from home and and so far haven’t been laid off.  We are slowly getting used to our new routines, being socially and physically distant from everyone but each other, and going stir crazy.

To deal with these stresses I started a new mindless scrappy project – a situation like this, for me at least, calls for a new project! Something very simple, something colourful and of course very scrappy.

I decided to make 4 patches, as what’s easier than 4 patches and then picked out a background fabric from the stash. I came up with this layout for my blocks.

I know, random bit me with two brown squares ending up side by side. They are going to stay that way as I’m sure in the finished quilt it will not be noticeable unless someone is looking very closely and then they will be awarded a package of Smarties if they point it out nicely.

I’ve made more than 16 squares now but when I had made 16 squares a few days ago, I played with the blocks to audition possible layouts. I came up with two that I liked.

Layout One:

Layout Two:

At this point I can’t decide which one I like the best. It’s really a toss up between the two as they are so different.

However, with the number of blocks I’ve made and the fact that I don’t want to make a Queen size quilt from this, this just might become two (or more) lap quilts. I may just keep making blocks until I run out of background fabric so I may end up doing both layouts. Or I may play more and come up with a different layout.

Whatever these blocks become, they are serving their purpose, sewing them is soothing and they’ll end up making a nice scrappy quilt (or two)!

Two finished Quilts

By | March 15, 2020

I finished two quilts yesterday! One with machine binding on both the front and back and one sewing the binding to the front of the quilt and hand sewing it to the back of the quilt. This DOUBLES my UFO finishes from 2 to 4 for the year (plus one non UFO finish)! Not very impressive but way better than I was doing.

The first completed quilt is called Big and little patch quilt and was made from an excess of 16 patches and 4 patches:

The second quilt is the Baby sized Idaho square dance quilt that was made from a row of extra Idaho Square Dance Blocks designed by Bonnie Hunter, plus some sashing and borders:

I’m already working on hand sewing down another binding and have another quilt in the queue waiting to for the binding to be sewn down when that one is finished. Plus there is a quilted quilt top waiting for binding to be chosen and sewn on to it.  I’m starting to make some traction towards my goal of 24 completions in 2020.

Anne with an E TV Series Baby Quilt Top

By | March 8, 2020

We found out about an online auction two weeks ago. The auction was for a TV series called Anne with an E  based on the 1901 novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery called Anne of Green Gables. I read the book growing up and it’s many sequels grown up and absolutely loved it. So when I saw the auction I had to go and look at it. The TV serious has been cancelled and the auction was selling off the props and various items used on the show. I think it might still be being shown on Netflix.

I started looking at the online catalogue and was reeled in hook line and sinker when I saw multi ban and bag lots containing fabric and linens that were used on the set going for very little money. We bid on and won enough enough lots to fill up the car. In addition to the linen and fabrics we won some non antique lamps, an antique chest and a very modern tool box.

The lots contained both junk and treasures. Wool blankets, cotton and cotton fleece, upholstery fabric, stuff that could have gone straight to the garbage, tatted handkerchiefs, many spools of ribbons, 20 identical tablecloths, vintage napkins, sets of sheets, a bedskirt and and lace curtains were just some of the things we found. But the most surprising thing we found is a scrappy baby sized quilt top.

I’m looking forward to searching my stash for a suitable backing and making a baby quilt from this. I can see doing some simple but heavy quilting on it. The top is machine stitched so it will be machine quilted perhaps with a crosshatch through each square.

In the meantime I’m sorting the winnings into keep, donate, trash piles and  working at making room in my stash for the things I want to keep!

2020 UFO List – UPDATED April 1, 2020 plus new starts

By | March 8, 2020

I’ve been great at starting new projects in 2020 but not so good at finishing older projects. That has to change.

I’m proud that in the last week I’ve managed to finish quilting four UFO’s (pre 2020 quilt tops) now just to make binding for three of them. Now to start hand sewing the one that is ready for hand sewing.

Here is my up-to-date list of UFO’s. Ones with and asterisk were started in 2019.

  1. Alletaire – A Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt – Blocks need fixing and top needs to be finished
  2. Marc’s Gradient Quilt in 3 colours – needs fixing then borders – ABANDONED – WILL RESTART OR DO ANOTHER
  3. Blue 16 patch and Happy Block Quilt – top completed*
  4. Happy to be Square – quilted March 10, 2020 *,
  5. Happy all Day Long – top complete*
  6. Colour Blocks (“H” Blocks) quilted April 23,2020 *
  7. Light Doggie Quilt Top (VV blocks) – completed and donated to guild *
  8. Dark Doggie Quilt Top (VV blocks) – Completed April 2020 *
  9. Blue and Green “Fourth of July Quilt” – top completed, binding cut *
  10. Blue & Orange “Fourth of July Quilt” – top centre made
  11.  Big and Little patch quilt – completed March 13, 2020*
  12. Broken stripe 9 patch quilt – Completed April 8, 2020*
  13. Too nice to cut lap quilt – top completed
  14. Chain Link Quilt – top completed, backing obtained *
  15. Retreat Grey & Colourful Quilt – top completed, backing obtained *
  16. Stars in the Darkening Sky Done *
  17. Arizona Crossroads – top complete, backing obtained but used on another quilt.
  18. Rainbow Swirl Quilt – top finished, backing obtained
  19. Purple & Green Galaxy Star – top complete, backing obtained
  20. Grand Illusion Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt – borders need to be added
  21.  Purple table Runner – top completed
  22. Peaky and spiky quilt – in progress
  23. Irish Star Quilt – borders, make bigger?
  24. Quilt top (not made by me) found at VV – needs backing (consider giving top to guild)
  25. Whirlygig – top completed? Borders to be added?
  26. Medallion Quilt for Guild Project – in progress *
  27. Black & Brights Livejournal block swap, blocks completed
  28. Scrappy Bonnie Hunter Starstruck Quilt – in top centre together *
  29.  Shannan’s Poly cotton Quilt – in progress
  30. Cross and Chains – top completed, back to be made
  31. Burgundy Star Quilt found at at VV (replace batting & quilt) *
  32. Posies, in progress *
  33. Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt, in progress *
  34. Rainbow scrappy trip around the world quilt, top together*
  35.  “H” blocks need to figure out layout and how many more to make. *
  36. Idaho Square Dance Baby Quilt   –  Completed March 13, 2020  *
  37. Started Happy Block Quilt *
  38. patches quilt top found ages ago – consider giving to guild for outreach.

2020 Starts 

39. Easy Street(butterflies) – quilt top

40. Suite (aliens) – quilt top

41. 9 patch and star quilt in brown and green – quilt top

42. Feature your fabric – needs borders.

43. butterflies and four patches – quilt top.

44. Syd’s quilt (blue and grey) – finished.

45. Baby quilt top from Anne with an E auction lot.

46. Scrapbuster quilt in yucky colours.

47. 9″ churn dash blocks.

48. Steps Quilt – top made (courtesy of Covid19 stress sewing)

49. Gathering Quilt – top made (courtesy of Covid19 stress sewing)

50. Smooches Quilt (Hearts) – top complete

51. Zipper quilt -white – quilted April 2020

52. Zipper quilt – black

53. Blue/Green Hundred Hugs Quilt.


Baby Sized Idaho Square Dance Quilt

By | March 1, 2020

Posting about this, this morning, to motive myself to quilt this top today:

Small Idaho Square Dance Quilt Top

It’s mostly sitting down and getting it done. It isn’t a big project.

This top is made from 9 of Bonnie Hunter’s Idaho Square Dance blocks leftover from making this quilt (somehow I had made an extra row!?!?):

A little bit of sashing, an outer border and voila a small baby quilt that will be perfect for donation to the guild’s outreach program as soon as I get it quilted and bound. It’s already layered so I have no excuse, other than my talents at procrastination, not to get it quilted today. My talent has at avoiding quilting has been strong lately and my goal for March is overcoming that and getting a number of my quilt tops quilted and ready to be finished. I will do it!